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Weekly Digital Roundup 20.9.21

September 20, 2021 Posted by Sean Walsh blogs 0 thoughts on “Weekly Digital Roundup 20.9.21”
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Sean Walsh
Director at Intelligency

Sean is a Director at Intelligency heading up our digital marketing and client services operations. Sean has 15+ years experiencing working both in-house and agency with brands including Lloyds, Alstom, Hitachi, Lufthansa, Viaplay, DFDS Seaways and Mercedes-Benz.

Welcome to the first edition of Intelligency’s Weekly Digital Roundup! Bringing you the lowdown on the vast world of Digital and noteworthy things to pay attention to.

iOS 15’s new privacy features

iOS 15 has been unveiled at the most recent Apple conference, and one of the big features that has been unveiled is “Hide my email” this basically allows users to create a random email address which has a rule to forward any emails sent to their primary email address. This is important because open rates are now being curbed and some emails are no longer forwarded to primary email addresses, shifting the focus to now be on how many users clicked the link within the email.

Why email marketers are calling Apple’s iOS 15 update ‘a proverbial nail in the coffin’

British government in talks about reforming GDPR and Data Protection

Planned GDPR reforms are looking beneficial for Advertisers, the government does not intend to use a “one-size fits all” approach for Data Protection, suggesting that different sized companies should have more tailored regulations. Another standout reform is on the subject of Cookies, the propositioned reforms have suggested that Analytic and Measurement cookies may be approached in a different way. The Internet Advertising Bureau has endorsed the reforms. 

GDPR: How brands could benefit from ‘common-sense reforms’

John Mueller on WordPress themes

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that changing a theme within WordPress can affect rankings within SERPS, as the theme has an effect on the way Google sees and ranks your website.

Google: Changing WordPress Themes Can Impact Rankings

Facebook VIP list revealed by Wall Street Journal

Facebook have recently had a number of documents and internal conversations leaked due to a Wall Street Journal article. The investigation delved into Facebook’s Cross Check whitelist where 5.8m “newsworthy”, “influential or popular” or “PR risky” accounts reside. These accounts are not subject to enforcement, which means they can post content which deliberately violates the guidelines set out by Facebook with little to no consequence, unlike the other 2.95billion users on the social network.

Facebook: some high-profile users ‘allowed to break platform’s rules’

Instagram shop update for businesses

Instagram has introduced adverts into their “Shop” tab which means you can introduce targeted, sponsored posts to consumers to sell your products which just merge into the rest of the shop tiles which the end user will see.

Instagram Introduces Ads Within Its Shop Tab

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