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Keeping track of performance and strategy for digital marketing can be an exhaustive and sometimes complicated task for Marketing Directors. Frequently, channel reports are presented via different mediums and layouts, data regularly isn’t consistent with each another and trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your cohesive digital strategy can be labourious.

Our digital intelligence team are experts and experienced in delivering full digital marketing audits that a) collate all your channel data and strategies, b) analyse each channel to identify opportunities for growth and c) provide a real and tangible ROI metric so that you can fully understand what channels are truly delivering commercial growth and what aren’t.

Example: In 2022 we undertook a full digital marketing audit of Colosseum Dental’s group of 77 dental practices across the UK to help them formulate a strategy to improve customer acquisition via digital marketing.

What does a digital marketing audit look like?

Our auditing process isn’t as simplistic as receiving a standard report. No audit ever looks alike, in the same way no two businesses are the same. Think of our digital marketing audit as a process that we undertake to thoroughly vet all of your digital marketing strategies. Intelligency wants to get under the skin of your business and not just analyse data, but to also understand elements that affect performance like competitors, market forces and even workplace culture/organisation.

Intelligency has been appointed by global 9-figure turnover enterprise-level organisations to undertake auditing and have helped generate millions in additional profit from both finding cost-efficiencies and highlighting untapped opportunities. Our team are confident and adept at delivering our results back to senior key stakeholders (e.g. board-level/CEO) in a concise, insightful and honest manner.

Digital marketing auditing is ideal for brands looking to identify entrepreneurial ways to deliver growth within their existing budget.

Our digital marketing audits are often used as the foundation for decision-making on strategy, recruitment, budgeting & agency evaluation.

Benefits of digital marketing auditing

We firmly believe, and always recommend, that any new client undergo our comprehensive auditing process. It ensures that budget is properly spent, underlying business issues are identified beforehand and that all of our decision making is data-led.

Gradual under-performance is often a stealth killer to commercial growth. Whether it’s your in-house team, agency or strategy, we can help identify channels that aren’t competing at the level they need to. Intelligency can provide an honest but actionable recommendation on how to get back on top.

Too many digital marketing decisions are based on subjectivity. Digital marketing auditing helps decision makers understand their digital presence and make the right selections based on real data. Our team can help deliver digital transformation so that this concept becomes the keystone in how your teams operate.

A thorough audit of your digital marketing should give you a clear, actionable recommendation (via our return-on-investment forecasting) on where you can save money that is currently being misallocated into less profitable channels.

Intelligency is regularly asked to provide independent, honest and useful audit reports that allow internal teams to get on with their day-to-day and not be bogged down in reporting. Our audits can be used to measure performance monthly, quarterly or annually and can be tailored appropriately to their audience.

What outputs do we deliver to our clients…

Digital Performance Audit

Robust analysis of your current digital marketing strategy with actionable insights – what channels are generating ROI, what opportunities are being missed, how you compare to competitors, where your audience engages online.

Channel Trends & Forecasting

Find out how much traffic, conversions and engagement you’re expected to deliver in the next 12 months. Identify and act on declining channels before it’s too late. Capitalise and maximise on growing opportunities for new revenue streams.

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