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The digital sector contributes some £400 million a day to our economy according to UK government figures. It’s never been so crucial for digital companies to have a strategic and robust business intelligence strategy in place to identify trends, cost-efficiencies and measure performance.

Intelligency specialise as a digital business intelligence company and are trusted not just in Yorkshire, but right across the United Kingdom. We help digital businesses use their data to drive more efficient and productive performance.

Example: In 2020 we were commissioned to create a digital dashboard to help VetPartners measure the digital performance of their 100+ veterinary practices.

What is business intelligence for digital?

Business Intelligence is the term given to the process of collecting and analysing vital business data into digestible and practical insights that help our clients make better decisions.

Intelligency help start-ups through to £500m+ turnover corporate groups better collect, categorise and understand their data. Through a combination of data mining, benchmarking and data visualisation we can help better inform key stakeholders/management about their service offering, operations and digital performance.

We specialise in providing business intelligence services for digital based businesses

e.g. e-commerce brands, lead generation companies, companies that utilise digital marketing as a primary source for customer acquisition.

Benefits of business intelligence

Our business intelligence offering takes many forms – real-time dashboards, data visualisations, research reports, audience profiles and more…

We can help reduce your digital marketing costs by generating return-on-investment reports for budget based activity such as media spend, agency retainers, software licencing and more.

Our state-of-the-art audience profiling dashboards prove to be invaluable assets for digital marketing, sales and customer support teams. By combining your customer CRM data with web analytics insights, we can produce accurate and digestible audience customer profiles.

We use machine learning analysis software combined with business & third-party data to identify valuable business trends. Our trend insights help contribute to decisions for everything from product selection to demographic targeting.

Combine digital and operational analytics into a singular real-time data dashboard where you can measure and monitor all of your digital marketing channels. Review and learn from past campaign performances. Identify weaknesses in your strategy & benchmark against your competitors.

Business Intelligency tasks we can help you with…

Digital Performance Audit

Robust analysis of your current digital marketing strategy with actionable insights – what channels are generating ROI, what opportunities are being missed, how you compare to competitors, where your audience engages online.

Channel Trends & Forecasting

Find out how much traffic, conversions and engagement you’re expected to deliver in the next 12 months. Identify and act on declining channels before it’s too late. Capitalise and maximise on growing opportunities for new revenue streams.

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