Customer Profiling for Marketing

Discerning your customer profile is a crucial ingredient for a successful digital marketing strategy. Understanding who your customer is, where they live, how old they are, what media they engage with, their user behaviours, their digital device preferences and what content reasonates with them, are invaluable insights that can help secure success before your strategy commences.

Intelligency is trusted to develop digital customer profiles for some of the country’s largest brands and corporate groups. Our profiling is used to help marketing teams develop more bespoke & targeted content, develop more engaging high conversion websites and form the foundation for integral business decisions like channel selection or annual budgeting.

Example: In 2021 we undertook extensive customer profiling for Pall Mall Medical, to look at who and how their customers interacted with them on a treatment-by-treatment basis so they could better create assets such as copy, video and photography to improve conversion. We outputted our analysis into an easy-to-use Google Data Studio report.

What does a customer profile look like?

Like our digital audits, no customer profile is alike. We design and develop our customer profiles bespoke for each client so that they can interact, engage and learn from our output in the best way for their organisation. Our team can deliver customer profiles using multiple data sources that auto-update in real time via tools like Power BI. Alternatively, we can present succinct and digestible profile insights via traditional mediums such as slides or portfolios.

Typically our customer profiles are comprised of as many customer data sources we can integrate with to provide the most accurate view of your users. We explore standard demographic data such as age, gender, location, income, and preferred device usage, but we also use qualitative data sources (such as screen recordings, heat mapping, surveys, interviews) to better understand how customers interact with your brand. The output of our profiling is to provide you the client with an easy-to-digest but highly informative explanation of your existing and prospective customers.

Clear, accurate and actionable customer profiles to help achieve your business goals.

Our profiles are used to help improve conversion rate, launch new e-commerce products, write better copy and help identify missing revenue gaps.

Benefits of customer profiling

65% of our new clients in 2021 had no organised or consolidated customer profile they could share across their business. Intelligency’s profiling not only helps decision makers, marketers, and content producers do their job more effectively, it also provides your business with a tangible brand asset that can be circulated across other third-party agencies.

Ensure that your business isn’t missing lucrative commercial opportunities in alternative demographics by better understanding who your customer is. Just as businesses change, so does your ‘typical customer’.

Customer profiles help internal and external teams design and develop brand assets that are targeted at the customer’s interests, behaviours and devices. More acute targeting can lead to efficiencies in media spend and engagement.

What is our output?

Digital Real-time Presentation (DRP)

Intelligency create real-time dashboards that connect to your data sources e.g. CRM systems, so that your audience profile isn’t fixed to one moment. Using data dashboard technology like Power BI, Supermetrics, Tableau and Google Data Studio, we can create a long-lasting tool that will let you see your profiles evolve over time.

Static Customer Personas

For many businesses, a static ‘persona’ that can be shared across teams and stakeholders may be more preferable. We can deliver our customer profiles in whatever format you prefer and finished in your organisations brand if you wish to circulate across your group. At the start of every project we work alongside you to understand your requirements and develop an end product that you will see true value-for-money in.

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