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Social media content you made as a child is now being weaponised and retrospectively investigated, whether it’s in sport, media or politics. Historical social media is just the latest area for recruiters, journalists and malicious agents to thoroughly vet.

Intelligency is one of the world leaders in social media vetting as a preventative method to protect brands and individuals’ digital footprint. Our proprietary technology allows us to monitor and identify for harmful historical across major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What is social media vetting?

Our social media footprint now consists of over a decade of uploaded content across multiple digital properties. Tweets, likes, images, videos and comments are a source of potentially embarrassing and harmful content that no longer represents you or your brand’s views.

We use our state-of-the-art technology to process large volumes of social media data and combined it with human analysis to identify potentially harmful content to your brand and business.

Our intelligence doesn’t just protect against negative PR but it also prevents personal data from being used to potentially harm the safety and security of those in the public eye. We avert potential breaches of valuable business information to the wider world.

Trusted by elite sports teams, athletes & agents for social media vetting

We work with some of the globe’s largest sporting teams and stars to help them identify past content that could be weaponised against them. This includes content that could jeopardise their personal security or performance.

Benefits of social media vetting

There is a lot more to social media vetting than just checking old tweets, our service has multiple applications and purposes…

Many of clients in the sports industry want to protect their pro-atheletes from the distractions and stress that weaponised historical social media can bring. Our service provides peace of mind and protects performance.

Content publicly made available years go, such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, can threaten employees and their families safety. We work with some of the world’s most well-known and reputable sports stars, so protecting their privacy and safety is paramount.

Actual real-world examples of potentially harmful social media practices and content is an invaluable tool in online and media education. We encourage our partners to educate, rather than punish, about the dangers of historical social media.

Our digital intelligence team works alongside clients to analyse their social media output and advise on improving their content. This might be consultancy on how to better engage with fans, adhere to industry regulations or simply feel more confident producing their own content.

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Historical Social Media Audit

A full analysis and report on your social media footprint. Our combined technology/human analysis managed service identifies and highlights potentially harmful content. Our report grades the severity of the content alongside analyst annotations as to why it has been highlighted.

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