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95% of businesses cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business (- Forbes). Collecting, measuring and reporting on multiple data threads for marketing, sales, stock management etc., can be a daunting and complex task. Multiple reporting platforms spanning paper, meetings and digital reduces operational efficiency and means more time is spent formatting reports rather than actually learning from them.

As a digital intelligence agency, we work with clients to identify their core reporting needs and collate various data streams into one unified and singular digital reporting dashboard. This allows your business and team to access a single point of insight to make better business decisions.

What is a digital reporting dashboard?

We build fully accessible real-time data dashboards for clients at start-up phase through to industry giants like VetPartners or Colosseum Dental. Our reporting dashboards are usually built using reputable and established platforms like Tableau or Google Data Studio, though we can build to your chosen provider.

Intelligency help map out your reporting goals and architecture, identifying all of your data streams. Our team ensure that we’re not just delivering data, but also insight for your new dashboard. Ensuring you have the right measurement goals, are collecting accurate data and reporting on the most valuable metrics, will help ensure that your new dashboard becomes a source of enormous intelligence and value.

If you’re unsure where to start, our experienced and expert team are on hand to help you. We work regularly with other third-party agencies as well as across international teams.

All of your data – visualised, simplified and organised

Example data streams that we regularly integrate with include Google Analytics, Power BI, Hubspot, Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, SEMRush, AWIN, Shopify, Ahrefs, Bing, LinkedIn, Pardot, Salesforce and more.

Benefits of digital dashboard reporting

Creating a sound architecture and foundation for your reporting needs requires experience, focus and a robust grasp of your business requirements. The rewards are worth that…

Save your business thousands by reducing the amount of time it takes to produce, present and analyse multiple reports every year.

Don’t wait for your weekly or monthly report to identify threats and opportunities to your business.

A singular unified view of all of your data will allow you to properly assess performance and compare channels & competitors.

Easily collect, measure and report on performance for multiple business locations, stores, clinics or territories in one dashboard.

Make large datasets more comprehensible with data visualisation. Identify valuable insights for your business without needing to scroll through lines of data.

Generate PDF reports with the click of a button so you don’t have to waste time formatting and obtaining data from multiple sources.

Design a bespoke digital reporting dashboard today…

Digital Reporting Audit

Our consultants get under the skin of your current digital reporting and identify your future requirements. We will work with your teams to understand what data streams are available, is your business following industry regulation (e.g. GDPR compliance, Data Protection), what data you’re currently not tracking and begin to outline what steps you need to take to improve your reporting data.

Digital Reporting Dashboard

Intelligency will design and build a bespoke digital reporting dashboard that is customised to your business and reporting requirements. Our team can integrate all of your data points into one singular interactive dashboard. We provide full training on how to use the dashboard and will help you better identify insights.

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