Google’s delay on third-party cookie phase-out extended to 2025

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Google has once again delayed its plan to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome, now pushing the timeline to possibly as late as 2025. This decision marks the third postponement, indicating significant challenges that still need addressing before third-party cookies can be deprecated.

Understanding Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are small pieces of code created by websites other than the one you are directly visiting. These are primarily used for cross-site tracking, advertising, and creating a personalized browsing experience. Google’s decision to phase them out stems from increasing privacy concerns among consumers and regulators. This shift intends to promote a more private browsing experience while still enabling advertisers to effectively reach their audiences.

Extended Timeline: What It Means for Businesses

With Google’s latest announcement, brands and marketers gain additional time to adapt their strategies. The discontinuation of third-party cookies is a pivotal change, as these cookies have been instrumental for marketers in targeting advertisements, measuring campaign performance, and improving user experience through personalized ads.

The extension allows businesses to further explore and implement alternative tracking technologies as the reliance on third-party cookies diminishes. Although this is another delay, the eventual discontinuation of third-party cookies is inevitable, emphasizing the need for the industry to prepare for a significant shift in digital advertising practices.

Behind Google’s Decision

In a recent statement from Privacy Sandbox News, Google highlighted the complex nature of transitioning away from third-party cookies. The tech giant acknowledged the varied feedback from multiple sectors, including industry leaders, regulators, and developers, all of which contribute to the ongoing challenges:

  • Google is committed to engaging with the entire ecosystem to navigate the varied opinions and technical challenges.
  • The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) requires additional time to review all evidence, including results from recent industry tests, which must be submitted by the end of June.
  • Given these complexities, Google will not proceed with cookie deprecation in the second half of this year as previously planned.

Looking Ahead

Despite the setback, Google remains hopeful to complete the phase-out by 2025. This timeline, however, is not set in stone as the company continues to navigate regulatory scrutiny and industry feedback. The extended deadline should serve as a reminder for businesses to accelerate their transition plans and innovate in how they collect and utilize data in a privacy-first world.

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