acuity Digital launches forensic intelligence platform – fiacuity

November 22, 2017 Posted by Sean Walsh Company News 0 thoughts on “acuity Digital launches forensic intelligence platform – fiacuity”
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Sean is a Director at Intelligency heading up our digital marketing and client services operations. Sean has 15+ years experiencing working both in-house and agency with brands including Lloyds, Alstom, Hitachi, Lufthansa, Viaplay, DFDS Seaways and Mercedes-Benz.

acuity Digital are proud to announce the launch of their forensic digital intelligence platform – fiacuity. The digital research platform has finally launched after 18 months of research and development and is expected to be rolled out to B2B and B2C brands in late 2018.

Managing Director of acuity, Sean Walsh, said;

“fiacuity is the next step in expanding out acuity operations. We’ve long seen that there is a growing need for better insight and research in the digital space for brands and non-brands alike. fiacuity will open up our service offering as one of the leaders in forensic digital intelligence in the United Kingdom”

Aimed at not just brands but press, sports and public sector entities, fiacuity has been designed to provide organisations with more acuity and focus on digital data to that they can achieve their goals.

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