A look at our office history on Yorkshire Day 2023

July 31, 2023 Posted by Sean Walsh Company News 0 thoughts on “A look at our office history on Yorkshire Day 2023”
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Sean is a Director at Intelligency heading up our digital marketing and client services operations. Sean has 15+ years experiencing working both in-house and agency with brands including Lloyds, Alstom, Hitachi, Lufthansa, Viaplay, DFDS Seaways and Mercedes-Benz.

It’s Yorkshire Day! To celebrate, Intelligency has looked at the history of our office’s location – Dean Clough Mills. Dean Clough, formerly known as Crossley Carpets, is rich in its history, spanning over 22 acres and has 16 Grade II listed buildings.

Having been the largest carpet manufacturer in the late 1800s and early to mid-twentieth century the mills boast unique architecture and fragments of its history, we have collected some of the earliest photography and provided pictures of the current day to demonstrate the evolution of Dean Clough.

Intelligency Director, Sean Walsh, said:

“Relocating our operations to Dean Clough Mills in Halifax signified our entry into a venue with a deep historical resonance. This location stands as a colossal testament to the town’s history, and its continued relevance is echoed by the groundbreaking, leading-edge companies that call it home.

As a business owner, there’s a profound satisfaction in selecting an office environment enriched by such a deep-rooted history, thriving community, and distinctive features. Dean Clough Mills exemplifies the revitalizing spirit of Northern companies, as they infuse these old mill buildings with renewed vitality and purpose. These establishments might otherwise have lain dormant or faced demolition in favor of less remarkable structures. Our decision to move here was significantly influenced by the sustainable benefits of such adaptive reuse.

Incredibly, despite the Mills undergoing significant transformations in recent years, including the attraction of diverse businesses and a feature in Marvel’s Disney+ show ‘Secret Invasion,’ the exterior remains largely unaltered. Preserving this architectural integrity is vital, acting as a tangible connection to the past while embracing the present and future.”

Historical image source: A Livermore (1932)

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