The landmark partnership with WPP means that Google Gemini could potentially end up creating ads

April 12, 2024 Posted by Liam Walsh Round-Up 0 thoughts on “The landmark partnership with WPP means that Google Gemini could potentially end up creating ads”
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The innovative collaboration suggests that Google’s robots may soon start producing advertisements for globally renowned brands such as Coca-Cola. WWP, one of the world’s biggest advertising groups has announced a new collaboration with Google, who will use Gemini (their AI tool) to help create ads.

How will WPP utilize Gemini AI?

Initially, there are a few ways in which Gemini will assist WPP brands. This includes Ad narration such as voice over for video creative, the generation of scripts for ad voiceovers and the creation of product images. For example, with regards to AI narration, the system will create bespoke and customizable scripts for voiceovers, which are then sent to Eleven Labs, a London-based start-up to create the voice. Whilst the product images will be created through Gemini 1.5 Pro and Universal Scene Description 3D file forms. This will make 3D images that can be cross-referenced against brand guidelines.  This landmark deal could mean that an AI will create ad campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Nestle. 

Why have WPP done this now?

WPP has an estimated 114,000 staff around the world and the UK ad revenue equates to approximately $18.9 billion. The company claims that this collaboration will improve their market efficiency and effectiveness. The company will integrate Gemini and merge Google’s expert knowledge of generative AI, data analytics and cyber security. The Google Cloud will combine with WPP’s patented marketing and advertising data. This incorporation will allow WPP’s clients to generate product-explicit content using gen AI. This should also allow WPP’s clients to get a better and more detailed understanding of their target audiences.

Should we be worried about this deal?

The deal reflects the growing importance of AI in the marketing world and it is certainly something that can help people manage their time and potentially make companies such as WPP far more effective and efficient. However, it is worth noting that with AI becoming more capable of replicating roles traditionally done by humans, it could lead to a drop in the reliance on physical staff. 

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