The Intelligency Black Friday Checklist

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Good afternoon, and welcome to the Intelligency Digital Roundup.

This week, we’re rolling out a handy checklist for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to set your business up for success. These two days mark a significant spike in online shopping, with e-commerce sites experiencing a massive influx of customers and sales.

Our checklist will help you spot and strengthen any weak spots, guaranteeing your customers a smooth and swift shopping experience.

This way, you can ensure that buying your products is a breeze for current or new customers.

Without further ado, let’s get into how best to prep!

Website Preparation

You’ll first need to check your website’s user experience. This is something you should be on top of anyway, but it’s extra important for Black Friday.

Your website needs to be fast, and it needs to be responsive. For E-commerce businesses, this is extra important, because a slow speed can result in lost traffic. The harder a time a customer has purchasing something, the less likely they’ll convert.

Secondly, check that your website can handle an increased amount of traffic! It would be disastrous if suddenly no one could access it.

Finally, ensure that the checkout process is smooth as butter and that users have plenty of options for how they purchase.

Promotions and Discounts

Next up, let’s tackle promotions and discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ve got to ask yourself: are your deals ready to roll out? If you’re shaking your head, it’s time to brainstorm some tempting offers that reward both your loyal customers and your bottom line.

Make sure your discounts stand out. Display them loud and proud on your homepage because, let’s face it, hidden deals are as good as no deals. And why not sweeten the pot for your repeat customers? A little thank you goes a long way, and a loyalty reward could be just the ticket.

Marketing Campaigns

Now, let’s switch gears to marketing campaigns. Kick things off early – think early November – to capture your audience’s attention before the holiday rush. An email campaign that pops in their inbox? Check. Social media buzz that gets them talking? Double-check.

Don’t let past visitors slip through the cracks. Use retargeting ads to remind them what they’re missing. And for the cherry on top, referral codes can turn your customers into your best promoters.

Inventory and Product Management

Moving on to inventory and product management – it’s crunch time. Take a good, hard look at your stock levels. You’ll want to have enough to meet the surge without ending up with a surplus gathering dust.

If your stock’s running low, get those orders in, pronto. Spot products that aren’t moving fast enough? Get creative with promotions to give them a boost. And make sure you’re clear about delivery times – nobody likes a late show.

Product Descriptions

Let’s not forget product descriptions – your secret SEO weapon. Craft them well, and they’ll help your products shine bright in search results. Detailed, clear, and SEO-focused descriptions can elevate your products from good to must-have.

Think about creating gift guides too. They’re like roadmaps to the perfect purchase, especially when they bundle products for a complete experience.

Visual Branding:

For visual branding, it’s all about making a splash. Design bold, sale-specific graphics that capture the Black Friday vibe. Plaster them on your site, your emails, everywhere. Make sure they scream ‘deal of the year’ to anyone who sees them.

Social Media Optimisation:

Don’t just post on social media – own it. Your profiles should be fine-tuned machines, ready to engage and convert. Regular updates with catchy, sale-focused content? That’s the ticket to turning heads and clicks into sales.

Customer Service and Support:

Finally, customer service can make or break your sales days. Staff up your support team to handle the hustle. Consider a live chat feature – it’s like having a sales assistant right there on the page, ready to close the deal.

Keep your team on their toes, responsive, and ready to turn frowns upside down. Happy customers are repeat customers, after all.


In conclusion, nailing Black Friday and Cyber Monday is about much more than just slashing prices. It’s a full-on strategy that starts with your website and flows through to the final click of the purchase button.

Remember, it’s the details that count – a fast site, standout deals, early-bird marketing, stocked shelves, sharp product descriptions, eye-catching visuals, an engaging social media presence, and top-notch customer service.

Get these elements right, and you’re not just selling – you’re creating an experience that customers will come back for, year after year. So, gear up – it’s time to make this holiday sale season your most successful one yet!

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