Google Chrome has new AI powered features for a customized experience for its users

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Personalised Browsing on Google Chrome

The Chrome M121 update utilises AI in order to improve the ease and security of its users. The new AI feature offers personalised browsing, enhanced writing features, customisable AI-made Chrome themes, and smart tab management.

Whilst the new update is in its trial phase it will have a limited release in the US. It is worth noting it won’t be active for business and school accounts while in its trial phase. For those wanting to use the feature, they will need to check their browser is updated so that it is compatible with M121.

To turn on the AI features you will need to:

  • Open Chrome and navigate to settings which can be found where the three dots are.
  • Once you are in the settings you will need to select the experimental AI tab
  • Turn on the ‘try out AI features’ along with the feature you want to use.
  • Click on ‘relaunch’

Smart Tab Management

The smart tab management feature allows internet explorers to assort their search tabs by relevant topics. This will enhance the users’ experience and allow users to efficiently browse across multiple tabs while keeping them organised.

This tool will be handy for those browsing multiple sites with different topics meaning users can navigate through tabs with ease and speed.

Launching the tab organising tool is easy, simply right-click on the tab and then select ‘organise similar tabs.  

Custom Chrome themes

Chrome users will now be able to prompt AI with moods, subjects, visual styles, and colours of their choice. The feature to precede this was released in 2023 and allowed Android 14 and Pixel 8 devices to use AI to generate wallpapers.

The new feature included in the update will eventually allow all Chrome users to tailor their browser themes to suit their preferences. In the meantime, Chrome offers some limited customisation tools, allowing users to upload their images or browse their collection of established themes.

Enhanced writing assistant

This experimental feature will aid users in writing on the web, the feature will require users to type a few words summarising what they want the AI to base its writing off. The tool will allow users to communicate without feeling uncertain about their phrasing and consuming too much of their time.

AI is an effective tool that can facilitate change, whilst being proficient and simple to use. If you’re interested in utilising AI within your digital marketing strategy feel free to email us at and we can help integrate it.

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