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YouTube launches updates for creators using Studio analytics. The update provides clear insight to the audience’s impression and includes both those who are new and those who have come back. This will allow for a deeper understanding of an audience’s responsiveness to content. 

The update is available in YouTube Studio analytics in advanced mode. To navigate and access impressions users will need to select the ‘Analytics’ tab. Under the ‘reach’ section users will be able to locate all of the impression’s metrics. 

Analytic insight will be available for new and older content, enabling creators to undertake comparative analysis and use the data to inform their content strategy. Allowing creators to identify where viewers are being retained and where new audiences are attracted will help identify successful content. 

HDR Live streaming

Creators will be able to live stream in HDR (High Dynamic Range). HDR allows for a greater amount of information to be fed into displays, this is demonstrated in the scope of contrast in both colours and brightness. The richness in hues and luminosity contributes to a higher quality of content that is capable of capturing a considerable amount of detail. It is worth noting, that the monitor the stream is coming from must support the HDR format. 

This is a significant update for streamers striving for high-quality content. One of the main examples of channels this update will benefit is gaming streamers. The intensified colour and light fields vastly improve the gaming experience by creating immersive and life-like visuals. Typically displaying at around 60fps, improving motions and making it look smooth and realistic.


Live stream analytics

Live streamers gain access to audience reaction analytics. The function updates based on current user activity and is presented as a clear breakdown by emoji and the volume of users. The feature is accessible to both mobile and Studio web users, which proves to be convenient for those streaming through their mobile and checking the analytics on a desktop and vice versa. 

It can be found by clicking ‘Content’ and then the ‘Overview’ tabs and can then be found under ‘chat messages and ‘reactions’. 

This will be particularly useful for creators when identifying topics that their audiences are reactive to. Conversely, seeing what content receives the least engagement is a great piece of insight for creators to base content strategies on. Resulting in creators producing content that better meets their audience’s preference.  This applies to the chat message insight too, although it does not provide any qualitative data, this will also improve creators’ understanding of how receptive audiences are to specific subjects. 

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