YouTube partners with Instacart to enhance video shopping ads

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Instacart has partnered with YouTube to make the video ads on their site more engaging and shoppable. This partnership will create an eco-system in which consumers will be able to buy the items they see in featured ads – some products will even have same-day delivery. YouTube hopes that this approach will bridge the current gap between online advertising and immediate purchasing trends.

Instacart will leverage its First-Party Data

YouTube will use Instacart’s first-party data to reach highly engaged and intent-driven consumers in the retail space. The hope is that using this data will make shoppable ads more effective and that the brands have access to customers who are most likely to complete their conversion journey.

Who are the initial partners for this pilot?

Publicis Media and Clorox have announced that they are going to partake in this pilot on YouTube. They will begin testing these new formats over the next year and assess if this data-driven approach is effectively resulting in sales.

What have Instacart and YouTube said about this pilot?

Instacart’s CEO, Fidji Simo released a statement which highlighted the power of combining video ads and first-party data and the huge impact it could have in the video environment. Whilst from a client perspective, Joel Lunenfeld of Publicis has said that the partnership will positively impact retail media and allow brands to reach their ideal customer.

Previous Google Partnership

It has been an exciting few years for Instacart which recently had a collaboration with Google. During that project, they worked to make Google Shopping a more accessible experience for clients in the advertising industry. Furthermore, early results have been promising for brands.

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