New Amazon beta platform to allow lead generation for non-sellers

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Non-Amazon sellers will soon be able to advertise the site with the company launching a beta platform that could be a lucrative new way for companies to reach new audiences. Amazon currently offers display advertising only, however by opening its doors to new customers and allowing companies to generate leads via this platform, they are expanding a marketers advertising portfolio with very valuable audiences.

What are Amazon’s Non-Endemic Ads?

This new ad system will enable businesses who aren’t selling directly on Amazon to run campaigns such as lead generation, to reach Amazon users. The channel will be available for the automobile, travel, restaurant, and education sectors as well as local services.

Additionally, the brands will be able to target audiences using the deep well of Amazon data, which is particularly good for gauging a user’s interests on the site. These campaigns will also run on other Amazon-owned third-party sites such as IMBd and Twitch.

What type of campaigns can a business run?

There will be two options for users, the cost per click campaign (CPC) and the cost per thousand impressions (vCPM) model. For comparison, these mirror the traffic-driving campaigns and brand awareness campaigns in Meta. The CPC should be used for engagement with the impressions tactic being implemented for visibility. In the beta platform, location targeting is slightly limited but you can still reach cities – however, this beta platform is still only available in the US.

Why should advertisers consider Amazon?

Amazon’s is not only the size of its audience but also that it is privacy compliant, which is very important as we head towards a cookieless world. Additionally, the ability to target based on product interaction and purchasing behaviour makes it versatile and different to Meta or LinkedIn.

Whilst we don’t recommend shifting the budget fully towards Amazon, it could be a great way to supplement your campaign and allow brands to reach specific individuals who potentially were hard to reach. If you are in an appropriate industry, we suggest utilising some budget for testing Amazon’s new offering.

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