Meta introduces new AI chatbots & messaging tools for businesses

June 28, 2024 Posted by Liam Walsh Round-Up 0 thoughts on “Meta introduces new AI chatbots & messaging tools for businesses”
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Meta has introduced some new AI features and business tools with the aim of increasing performance across marketing campaigns as well as strengthening brand awareness and engagement.

What are these new features that Meta has unveiled?

There have been three major unveils from Meta this week with an update on AI chatbots on messenger, paid marketing messages and Threads API.

What are AI Chatbots on Messenger?

AI Chatbots are tools that allow customers and users to interact with customer service without a brand having to use staff resources. These chatbots have become increasingly popular over the last few years and have evolved rapidly due to AI innovations. Using Meta’s language model LLaMa 3, the new AI Chatbots on messenger are able to speak with customers about products and offer support. This helps brands reduce service costs.

Meta have introduced new Paid Marketing Messages

Meta has now allowed a select few advertisers to create, organize and send paid marketing messages. These can only be sent to customers who have opted in and operate in the same way as WhatsApp’s new messaging marketing.

Threads API will strengthen business marketing on Meta

Threads was introduced as a competitor to X, formerly Twitter, and is a strong channel for marketeers to incorporate into their strategy. The new Threads API will enable creators and businesses to publish posts, access insights and engage with replies whilst using third-party apps.

What will this change?

The expectation is that the influx of AI-tools will drive further revenue for companies and consequently make them more profitable by reducing costs. This has already been proven through Advnatage+ ad campaigns, whereby Meta allows an AI to improve campaigns by reducing CPAs and increasing ROAS. 

However, there are still some privacy concerns surrounding AI and Meta needs to create effective safeguards for these AI systems.

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