Meta introduces fresh tools for brand protection against intellectual property infringement

February 2, 2024 Posted by Liam Walsh Round-Up 0 thoughts on “Meta introduces fresh tools for brand protection against intellectual property infringement”
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Meta has recently introduced new tools to protect brands digitally from threats such as unauthorised use of their brand and intellectual property. This includes the updated Brand Rights Protection suite, which will identify and then action any content that is infringing upon a brand and a new IP reporting section where brands can submit issues.

What is different about Meta’s new brand right protection

The new system offers users more advanced tools to monitor infractions and respond to any misuse of their trademarks. Meta has achieved this by improving the capabilities of their matching algorithm, and searches and by expanding their reference library. This means they can respond more quickly to violations, and this is in large part due to the new cross-surface searching. This enhancement has allowed multiple searches across numerous areas of Meta such as ads, commerce, posts, and accounts. Consequently, it has removed the need for repeated searches, and this has streamlined the process.

The intellectual property report centre

Additionally, Meta has created a new IP Reporting Centre which has the purpose of reporting on any infringements. Users will be able to save their account information and see a history of their reports, making the management of this process much easier. Additionally, you can log in using your personal Facebook, Instagram or Business Manager details.

Empowering image protection on the platform

Rights owners will be able to manage and protect their image content more effectively in 2024 as these new updates have introduced the capability to automatically block unauthorised images and allow users to action numerous violating images at once.

More protection for businesses

As well as the tool upgrade, Meta has also rolled out a new business-specific resource that will help protect brands on Meta platforms. If you enter the Meta for Business website, you’ll find the new upgrades for brand protection which can resolve issues and monitor for any attacks.

Vigilance is still required by brands when using social media platforms, however, it is comforting to know that Meta has started 2024 by upgrading its existing tools in order to support brands online and protect their identity.

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