How new YouTube Short ads can help brands

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Google has recently announced some new advertising plans which will enable brands to make the most of YouTube shorts, the company’s fast-growing short-form video offering. YouTube Shorts has now reached over two billion monthly logged-in users and over 70 billion views each day across the globe. A new blog post has announced that there would be a new curated content selection, from which brands could place short ads next to popular videos.

What are YouTube Select short ads and how can they help brands?

The YouTube Select Shorts is the new platform for ads. Google has curated a platform that allows brands to choose popular and trending short-form content to place their ads against.

YouTube Select Shorts is a new advertising platform curated by Google that allows brands to place their YouTube Shorts ads alongside popular and trending short-form videos. This initiative benefits brands by providing audience targeting which will allow users to reach the right users who are more likely to engage. Additionally, there will be greater exposure across devices, with TVs showcasing YouTube Shorts with an increase of 100% by 2023 for YouTube Shorts viewership. Finally, this new initiative will provide brands with the opportunity to be present on a platform that has billions of monthly users.

How will the ABCD Framework support Short Ads?

Google has expanded the ABCD framework for Short Ads to improve the chances of success for advertisers. This includes format guidance so that marketers can properly elevate their strategy. A recent study by Kantar has found that by implementing the ABCD principles brands can expect to increase their short-term sales by up to 30%.

The framework has four key tenets: Attention, Branding, Connection and Direction.

  • Attention: Googler recommends that brands install creative messaging, audio and imagery to engage customers.
  • Branding: Maintain a strong brand message and raise awareness by using integrated branding from the start.
  • Connection: With clear messages and emotional storytelling (whether that be humour or love for example) you should create a connection with the user.
  • Direction: Point your audience in the right direction with smart CTAs and voiceovers.

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