Google introduces a series of AI updates for Android

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Google will begin its rollout of new AI updates to Android products over the next week with some exciting features set to arrive. The updates also range from normal Android product to the Wear OS technology as well as access to Gemini.

What can we expect from Gemini?

You are now able to access the Google AI system Gemini from Google Messages on your Android device. This means you can draft messages, create ideas physically and plan events or meetings all within the confines of the Messages app. Additionally, the Android Auto feature will become more advanced as the interface is using AI to allow the user to immediately summarise long texts or group chats and even saves you time by providing suggested replies.

How is the update is helping with Maps?

This new update has many benefits for Google Maps across different devices. The new Lens feature in Maps, for example, will use AI and augmented reality to allow users to see and pinpoint places as they pan their phones. In short, it allows users to enter the map. Furthermore, the TalkBack feature will tell you information such as ratings, directions and opening times out loud which is helpful for many and makes
the tool more inclusive for those who are blind. Moreover, the new Wear OS update will allow users to see maps on their watches, as well as access boarding passes, cards and see departure times of for transport such as buses and trains.

The update also improves switching devices

The update has also made it much easier to switch between your devices. For instance if you wanted to change devices but continue listening to YouTube Music, you can use the output switcher and you can then beam a song. This can also be done with Spotify and has capacity to switch between TV, phone, headphones and other smart displays. The aim is to create a bespoke and personalised user experience whereby its customers can easily move between all elements of their Google profile.

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