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An image which shows people in 3d glasses, it relates to the article which speaks about 3D.

Weekly Digital Roundup 15.10.21

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It’s that time of the week again, you’ve come to the one-stop shop for all new digital news and insights. This week we’ve got exciting Intelligency news and updates on a plethora of Google changes and features.

Celebrating five years of Intelligency

Not only is this the fifth Digital Roundup article I have written, but Intelligency also celebrated their fifth anniversary on Monday with champagne and cupcakes all around. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, as we wouldn’t be where we are without them. Sean Walsh (Founder of Intelligency) had this to say on our Instagram:

An Instagram screenshot depicting 3 glasses of champagne to the right of a lightbox which reads "5 YEARS OF INTELLIGENCY" and to the right is an opened bottle of Champagne.
The Instagram Post

Google Search Console performance report update

Google have updated their performance reports within popular tool Google Search Console, the update doesn’t change much however it’s worth noting that it may result in an increased number of clicks and impressions appearing in the performance report; it specifically appears when you filter your report by “News” and “Good page experience” If you look back to the 13th of September on the report, you can see an annotation which has been added by Google which reads:

“Due to a logging change, you may see an increase in the number of clicks and impressions for Good Page Experience search appearance for the “News” search type filter. This change does not reflect a change in user behaviour or search results, only a change in Search Console logging.”

Here you can see a sample of data spiking within Search Console:

an Image showing spiking results on Google Search Console.
Credit to Search Engine Roundtable for this image

John Mueller speaks out about content and algorithm updates

Google’s John Mueller has recently spoken about the best ways to recover from a Google algorithm update if your rankings drop as a result. He confirmed that whilst technical fixes to the website may seem like a good solution, the relevance of a website won’t improve just by fixes alone; Mueller confirmed the best way to go about improving your rankings again is improving your website’s content rather than focussing on purely technical fixes. Mueller went on to explain core updates and content focus:

“With the core updates we don’t focus so much on just individual issues, but rather the relevance of the website overall.

And that can include things like the usability, and the ads on a page, but it’s essentially the website overall.

And usually that also means some kind of the focus of the content, the way you’re presenting things, the way you’re making it clear to users what’s behind the content. Like what the sources are, all of these things. All of that kind of plays in.”

He added that improving UX and changing everything around might offer some slight improvements, but this isn’t good enough by itself, you need to majorly improve content if rankings significantly drop. See the below.

“So just going in and changing everything around the content— I think you can probably get some improvements there.

But essentially if you really want Google to see your website as something significantly better, you probably also need to work on the content side.

… think about where might there be low quality content, where might users be confused when they go to my website— and is that confusion something we can address with technical issues? with UX changes? Or do we actually have to change some of the content that we present?”

The full video can be found here:

Spotted Search updates and tests from Google

There’s a theme emerging here as you may have seen, Google have been unleashing a rapid-fire amount of tests and updates for their platforms, and Search has been subjected to a few as well.

The first update worth talking is 3D image preview. They are rolling out small tests across Search which will start showing 3D image previews rather than a static 2D image (If you do not have a 3D image such as one that can rotate, then your product listings won’t be affected). Twitter user Saad AK managed to see this in action and posted this .gif onto Twitter:

A .gif showing a rotating 3D image SERP.
Credit: Saad AK on Twitter

This isn’t showing up for everyone yet, which means this feature is just being tested for now.

Another update worth talking about is an update for Google Search on Mobile, continuous scrolling is being implemented into the mobile app, so users don’t have to switch to the next page of results in order to carry on looking for a result they want. The “See More” button hasn’t been removed, but it will take a lot longer to get to said button. This is beneficial for publishers, as page two doesn’t get as much traffic as page one, but this may change for mobile traffic thanks to this update, we’ll see in the next months if this rings true or not.

Thank you as always for reading the latest edition of Intelligency’s Digital Roundups.

Weekly Digital Roundup 8.10.21

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It’s been an eventful week in the world of digital, you’ve come to the best place to catch up on the news you may have missed. Welcome to the fourth edition of Intelligency’s Weekly Roundup.

Outage outrage for Facebook, Instagram, and Whataspp

Monday was a catastrophic day for Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook, Instagram, and Whataspp went offline worldwide for approximately 6 hours, causing major panic for businesses and users alike. Not only was this one of the biggest outages Facebook as a company has faced, but it’s also one of the biggest losses of stocks the company has faced too; stocks dropped by 4.9 percent, which equates to approximately $40 billion.

A Video by the Youtube channel Computerphile on why Facebook went down.

Facebook have also been hit hard by Whistleblower Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old data Scientist for Facebook who left in March this year. Haugen has leaked multiple documents and conversations to the Wall Street Journal such as the XCheck whitelist system Facebook have for “VIP” users, and more recently they leaked internal research results that Instagram had conducted; the research showed that the company are aware of the effect their app has on teenage girls. One harrowing quote from the internal slides that were leaked is as follows, “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls,” You can read more about the leak without a subscription here: Facebook knew Instagram made teenage girls feel worse about themselves.

Frances Haugen appeared and testified before a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday to speak further about the allegations she made to the US Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Facebook’s bad practice, especially around the 2020 election and the above leak regarding Instagram’s effect on teenagers.

Facebook harms children and weakens democracy: ex-employee

Internet Explorer no longer supported by Google

Google have announced they have ended support for Search on Internet Explorer 11 as of the 1st October, it was announced by Malte Ubl who works as a software engineer for Google. Google will still search on IE11, but only show basic results rather than anything advanced, and new Search updates won’t be available.

Google Search Ends Support For Internet Explorer 11

Google implementing eco-friendly options into their platforms

Google are introducing eco-friendly features into their Search, Shopping, and Maps platforms in an effort to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere. Their chief executive Sundar Pichai has confirmed in a statement that the green initiative could save 1 million tonnes of CO2 a year, which is the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off of the roads.

The main new features are as follows:

  • Displaying carbon emissions for a flight – when you try to find flights in Google Search, you can see the estimated amount of carbon emissions which will be released in the flight. This can be found in the SERP.
  • Google Shopping filters – You can also sort appliances on Google Shopping by how environmentally friendly they are, which is a great opportunity to appear higher on Shopping if your product is eco-friendly.
  • Lastly, Google are implementing a new fuel-efficient routing system within Maps in the US and Europe. Google Maps will now show offer a fuel-efficient route within the app on a journey as well as regular routes. This feature is currently US only, but will be coming to Europe in 2022.

Google offer a website dedicated to sustainability where they speak more about these features, the website can be found here.

WWW or non-WWW, which URL works better for SEO?

Search Engine Journal have recently published an article tackling the debate of whether it is better to use non-WWW such as HTTPS or WWW in your URL for your SEO in an effort to help people optimize their websites. The article talks about the pros and cons of WWW and non-WWW, but the advice is to stick with just one rather than trying to use both, especially for a new website; this is because if you use both then Google will see it as duplicated content and share the link equity between the two sites which will harm your ranking within Google.

WWW vs. non-WWW: Which is Better for SEO?

Weekly Digital Roundup 1.10.21

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The third edition of our Weekly Roundup has arrived, bringing you the latest news to digest from this week in Digital.

Google introducing changes to Search

Google recently held an event called Google Search On where they announced changes to their platforms, one of the large changes people are talking about is a revamp of Google Search. The big alteration of Search is due to the fact that Google is going to integrate an algorithm they introduced earlier this year called Google MUM (Multitask Unified Model).
Google MUM is an advanced algorithm that can search languages and images to find the answer to a complex question typed into Google itself. The integration is going to introduce 3 big features into Search:

  • Things to know- this feature identifies topics related to a question or subject you’ve searched and will surface the original search to include these “paths” so theoretically you don’t have to search further. 
  • Topic zoom- This allows users to “zoom” in and out of related topics. In regular terms, this means a search user can generalise or broaden a topic, or “zoom” into a sub-topic. 
  • Visually browsable results- This will show up for certain topics where you’re searching for inspiration. It will show you images with the link to the website. 

There are also a plethora of other changes to Google, you read about it here: Google Search On: MUM, Things To Know, Shoppable, About This Result & More

Practical ideas for Black Friday

Black Friday will be arriving in less than 2 months now, and the ecommerce industry is already starting to implement their strategies to make sales on the 26th November. Don’t miss your chance to implement some ideas into your current strategy, Intelligency have prepared a list of 8 ideas you can look to implement before the day arrives. 

8 Black Friday practical ideas for the ecommerce industry

Image to represent Black Friday

Amazon unveils their new robotic assistant

Amazon has announced a controversial new product called Astro, a miniature robotic assistant powered by their Alexa technology. The purpose of this little robot is to patrol your home whilst you’re in and out of the house for suspicious behaviour, it is currently restricted to the US only. There are a few concerns and controversies however, one concern that people have is privacy, the robot operates by tracking the behaviour of everyone in the house and recognize faces, any face it doesn’t recognise is treated as a stranger and is followed by Astro; people are curious where this data will actually be kept and if it will ever stop recording, this stems from the controversy associated with the Alexa powered Echo, when users discovered it was recording their conversations.

Amazon announces Astro the home robot

Amazon’s Astro announcement.

Google reveals the most searched term on Bing

Google have revealed that “Google” is the most searched term on the Bing search engine in court on Tuesday. This wasn’t just revealed by Alfonso Lamadrid, a lawyer speaking on behalf of Google for fun however, they’re currently in the process of trying to overturn a $5 billion fine for an Antitrust order stating Google pushed their search app to mobile phones on Android phones to push out rivals and competitors. This evidence has been used in favour of Google, arguing that people are still using other Search Engines even if it is just to get onto Google Search. 

Google Tells Judges It’s So Popular It’s Bing’s Top Search Term

Image to represent Black Friday

8 Black Friday practical ideas for the ecommerce industry

September 27, 2021 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “8 Black Friday practical ideas for the ecommerce industry”

Struggling for ideas for your ecommerce site in the run-up to Black Friday? Luckily, Intelligency have got you covered, in this post I will give you 8 straight forward & obvious ideas for your current strategies.

1. Showcase stock from the website on Google Shopping

This idea incorporates the Google Shopping feed into your current strategy (if you’re not already employing it!), but what it means is that the products that you’re offering will be shown on Google’s shopping page and at the top of search results for a product. This will mean that your competitive deals will be visible to new customers searching for that product on Google, if you have an easy check out page as well this could really lead to product sales. If you’re unsure about how to list a product on Google Shopping, check out this guide from Hubspot

2. Cross-selling your products

This functions very similar to something like “products you may be interested in” at the bottom of a product page, but adding it to the cart instead. You could call it something like “You may also like” and just have two or three products.

This will increase the likelihood of a customer buying another product as well as the one they were originally interested in. To implement this idea, you’ll need a Product Recommendation Engine for your ecommerce site, this article from Salesforce has got you covered if you’re unsure of them:

An example of Cross-Selling demonstrated on the website for Lorna Jane's products
Image Credit Yieldify

3. A Black Friday landing page

This idea might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many brands do not incorporate this idea into their strategy.

If you keep a Black Friday landing page or introduce it onto your website early enough, then it will help generate SEO traffic onto your website. You can host your Black Friday deals on this page so that customers can easily find all the deals in one spot.

Image Credit: Beeketing

4. Flash sales or hourly sales

This idea is that on top of your regular discounts for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, discounting additional products every hour or offering a promotion every hour. This is a good way to gather interest in your deals and lead to sales, as people may be bargain-hunters and buy things out of want rather than out of need. You can run a flash sale in the lead up to Black Friday to generate buzz and excitement around the general sale on the Friday.

5. Make use of email marketing

It’s definitely worth creating an email marketing campaign in the lead up to Black Friday, as well as on the days the sale is running. You can do a “countdown to Black Friday” email campaign showcasing the different deals that will be on or include exclusive deals and promotions in those emails as a “treat” for being a loyal customer such as free shipping or an exclusive discount code.

You can go even further by sending retargeting emails to people who have viewed a product but not bought it by emailing them showing how much they’ll save on that product during the Black Friday sale.

6. Adding a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency

A countdown timer can be added to products, landing pages, and social media or emails to help create a sense of urgency for the sale.

If you show a customer how much time they have left before the sale is over, then it will help them decide immediately that they want to buy the product, rather than doing comparisons or searching for a cheaper price. This Adoric article explains the science behind Countdown Timers and how to incorporate them.

Image showing a clock and the words "Black Friday sale”

7. Inclusion of a gift promotion

You can cater this in a way that incentivizes people to spend more than they usually would. For example, you can run a “Spend £200 and get x for free” promotion on the shop. If this is visible on your landing page as well as on every product, even in the cart or banner, then customers will be more willing to spend up to this amount to get the free product.

If you have a subscription service that you offer, you could include a month free when they spend a certain amount (assuming it’s profitable to do so).

8. Extending the sale

An extension of the sale which runs 24-72 hours after Cyber Monday can help give your customers a little more time to make their purchase. This would create a further sense of urgency to buy a product, you can link this in with your sales strategy to lower prices even further with the sale extension or offering additional promotions.

This wraps up our list of ideas that you can incorporate! If you would to find out more about increasing your Black Friday sales, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, as we would be more than happy to help to suggest several tactics to get your business ready for Black Friday.

Weekly Digital Roundup 24.9.21

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Welcome to the second edition of our weekly roundup, bringing you the latest in all things digital! This week’s news has some exciting futuristic news for Marketing, so read on!

Firefox testing a new default search engine

Mozilla have begun testing a new default search engine for their browser, Firefox. It has started appearing on 1% of their user base’s software. Currently, no reason has been provided for this as their deal with Google (being the default search engine) is due to last for another two years. 

Firefox Testing Bing As Default Search Engine

Happy red fox to represent Firefox

Oracle’s artificial intelligence system

Oracle America Inc, who are best known for their database software, have revealed a new system which is designed to help businesses automate their digital marketing campaigns more effectively using Artificial Intelligence. Some features of the product include generating marketing campaigns and scrutinizing analytical data to see how likely an audience is likely to interact with an email or advertisement.  

Oracle’s new digital marketing software runs on AI

Artificial Intelligence network with leading lines.

Instagram introducing a new feature for local businesses

Instagram are currently testing a new feature named “Map Search” which they are currently trialling in Australia and New Zealand. The feature shows a user their current location on a map but shows any businesses nearby set up on Instagram, clicking on the business will show you their address, Instagram stats like posts, opening times and contact details. If the trial is successful, this could be a good source of local visibility for business pages.

Instagram Adds New ‘Map Search’ Tool to Maximize Business Discovery

Person using maps on their phone

Red Website Design’s 8 Social Media Marketing predictions for 2022

In this article/study, UK-based web developers Red Website Design have put together an infographic about their Social Media marketing trends and predictions for 2022. To sum it up, the 8 predictions are:

  • Social media emerges as a shopping platform
  • Proliferation of short-form video content
  • Social media becomes part of daily life
  • Facebook remains on top (for now)
  • Shorter attention spans result in more bite-sized content
  • More augmented reality options
  • Growing utilization of user generated content
  • The “unbundling” of Reddit

8 Social Media Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond

Instagram notifications

Weekly Digital Roundup 20.9.21

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Welcome to the first edition of Intelligency’s Weekly Digital Roundup! Bringing you the lowdown on the vast world of Digital and noteworthy things to pay attention to.

iOS 15’s new privacy features

iOS 15 has been unveiled at the most recent Apple conference, and one of the big features that has been unveiled is “Hide my email” this basically allows users to create a random email address which has a rule to forward any emails sent to their primary email address. This is important because open rates are now being curbed and some emails are no longer forwarded to primary email addresses, shifting the focus to now be on how many users clicked the link within the email.

Why email marketers are calling Apple’s iOS 15 update ‘a proverbial nail in the coffin’

British government in talks about reforming GDPR and Data Protection

Planned GDPR reforms are looking beneficial for Advertisers, the government does not intend to use a “one-size fits all” approach for Data Protection, suggesting that different sized companies should have more tailored regulations. Another standout reform is on the subject of Cookies, the propositioned reforms have suggested that Analytic and Measurement cookies may be approached in a different way. The Internet Advertising Bureau has endorsed the reforms. 

GDPR: How brands could benefit from ‘common-sense reforms’

John Mueller on WordPress themes

Google’s John Mueller has confirmed that changing a theme within WordPress can affect rankings within SERPS, as the theme has an effect on the way Google sees and ranks your website.

Google: Changing WordPress Themes Can Impact Rankings

Facebook VIP list revealed by Wall Street Journal

Facebook have recently had a number of documents and internal conversations leaked due to a Wall Street Journal article. The investigation delved into Facebook’s Cross Check whitelist where 5.8m “newsworthy”, “influential or popular” or “PR risky” accounts reside. These accounts are not subject to enforcement, which means they can post content which deliberately violates the guidelines set out by Facebook with little to no consequence, unlike the other 2.95billion users on the social network.

Facebook: some high-profile users ‘allowed to break platform’s rules’

Instagram shop update for businesses

Instagram has introduced adverts into their “Shop” tab which means you can introduce targeted, sponsored posts to consumers to sell your products which just merge into the rest of the shop tiles which the end user will see.

Instagram Introduces Ads Within Its Shop Tab